What is Test Strategy?

Test Strategy and its content

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Test Strategy is a high-level document that contains the overall testing approach for the application to test and high level metigation plan. 


Test Strategy captures all high-level information about how the application is being tested along with pointers about mitigation plans, training, and other things. this document usually created by the test manager or test architect. if the application is complex and big then there might be more than one test strategy documents, specific to the features.

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it is usually a static document but it depends on changes in at the application level. test strategy document must be reviewed and updated for all major releases of the application.

Contents of Test Strategy document: 

  • Scope and Objectives
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Communication and status reporting
  • Test deliverables
  • Industry standards to follow
  • Test automation and tools
  • Testing measurements and metrics
  • Risks and mitigation
  • Defect reporting and tracking
  • Change and configuration management
  • Training plan

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