Ways to become a good Software Tester

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Ways to become a good Software Tester
1. Improve reading and analyzing skills
To become a good software tester you should have good reading skills and analyzing skills.
Whixh will help you to have better understanding of any requirement

2. Have some experience as a developer
Having experience of programming or programming in parallel to testing is a very good practice ! Allows You to predict some errors before detecting them in the testing process. Often we can identify in which area error may occur and the type of these bugs, knowing only a description of functional changes. If you have a good relationship with the developers we can often give them a hint or find a possible solution on how to solve the problem – building relations !

3. Talk to people from the industry
Meet with people from the industry, at conferences, training, etc.. You’ll see the real trends in testing, or return some interesting ideas.Getting new ideas and try to implement in current project will give you a lot of confidence

4. Automate but do not rely on
Automation is good, but in excess can lead to acceptance of the program, which is correct but completely useless to the user. Test automation will help you obtain confidence that the core application functionality is running, real testing will give you a general sense of good job.

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5. Live in accordance with programmers
Try to make quality and programming department a team aimed to produce a good application. Reporting the number of errors per developer is very bad practice. Try to treat the errors in the test phase as another experience for you and for developer. If You see that one developer has some troubles producing error-less code, first talk to him then if required then talk to his manager.

6. Ahead of the facts –
Always try to take an active part in the project
Try to participate in the design of new functionality, often Your advise will later reduce the number of errors. Discover more about the whole project team,
become a consultant. Do not feel shy to ask questions.

7. Learn the critical application functionality
You have to know the critical path of the application, the path that is most often performed by the user, it is the most important business process. Putting special emphasis on that functionality when creating scenarios and testers training, increase the certainty that the application is acceptable and there is no critical errors.

8. Always have Usability in your mind
High software quality does not only means that application is free from errors but above all, ensure us that the usability is also at high level. Use usability testing and usability inspections treat usability as a target. Try to eliminate redundant application paths, do it at early stages of development, then you will have higher usability and error will be easier to detect.

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